National Brain Bee


Brain Bee Format


  1. The contestant, when called, will come to the podium to hear the question.
  2. Contestants will have approximately 15 seconds to answer the question.   
  3. Contestants may ask the moderator to repeat the question only once.  
  4. Contestants are allowed to ask for the spelling of any word(s) in the question.  
  5. Contestants are allowed to ask for the definition of non-neuroscience terms.  
  6. Contestants are NOT allowed to ask for the definition of neuroscience-specific terms, as the ones used during the competition will be from the book "Brain Facts".  
  7. Questions will be organized based on the chapters in the book "Brain Facts."  
  8. Contestants will be eliminated after they have answered 3 questions incorrectly
  9. Having responded to a question, the contestant will go to the end of the line of contestants.  
  10. The next contestant, in sequence, will come to the podium as the prior contestant steps away.   
  11. The recorder will indicate when a contestant is eliminated, at which point the contestant retire to their seat in the audience.  
  12. A panel of faculty and guests who are knowledgeable in the field of Neuroscience will serve as judges and their decisions will be final. 



  1. If, at the end of a round, only one person remains with less than 3 incorrect answers, that person is declared the winner.
  2. If, at the end of a round, there is no person with less than 3 incorrect answers and individuals in that round obtained a 3rd incorrect answer, all such individuals will continue to the next round.
  3. If rounds continue without the winner being determined by the above procedure and either all available questions have been asked or the time allotted for the event has expired, a tie-breaking procedure outlined in 14 will be used. 
  4. The panel of Judges shall modify the rule for the particular contest and announce it to the contestants and audience. Such rule(s) shall be in force for the remaining duration of the contest. The decision of the judges is FINAL!  


(Adopted from the rules of Fairfield University's Brain Bee)