Brain Bee Format/Rules




  1. The GBB Challenge Organizers reserves the right to verify the date of birth of the contestant/grade, and revoke the rank(s) and prize(s) in case of any discrepancy with the contest rules.
  2. The GBB Challenge Organizers conducts educational activities on "best efforts basis" only. The GBBC Organizers, its officers, and volunteers are not responsible for any human error and consequent hardship caused to any person(s) or organization(s).
  3. The primary goal of these contests is to foster the spirit of competition and learning among the youth and raise awareness of the general public about the brain. Parents, Teachers and students should focus on the joy of learning and interaction with other participants rather than on the possible outcome of the contest.
  4. Parental/School Teacher interruption in any form during the contest is unacceptable and the GBBC Organizers reserves the right to ask the parent/teacher(s) to leave the contest room/venue or face disqualification of the participant. A participant has right to dispute judge's decision and request a hearing before the start of the next round. Parents/Teachers are not allowed to approach judges directly. They can submit a written complaint/dispute to an onsite designated-volunteer who will, based upon the merits of the claim, refer the matter to the judges at the end of that round. In any dispute, decision of the judges is final.
  5. The Local Brain Bee contest shall be judged using “Brain Facts” 2012 edition.
  6. Judges have the right to change rules on site without notice if the situation warrants. All decisions by the judges are final.
  7. No video is permitted during the contests.
  8. Absolute silence shall be maintained at all times during any Brain Bee Event. Security Personnel shall remove from the venue of the event any persons that may or does constitute a nuisance to the program.
  9. While is it in order to applause correct answers, this shall be done in moderation to save time and allow the next contestant hear his/her questions clearly.


Contest specific rules can be found by clicking in the appropriate sections. It is the responsibility of the contestants and their parents/teachers to fully understand all rules and comply.

Rules for the MCQ Portion of the LBB competition


1. Do NOT open the folder until you are told to do so.


2. The folder contains a 45 item multiple-choice Test and a separate Scantron score sheet


3. Use pencils only to fill in (do not X) the correct bubbles on the Scantron score sheet


4. You may make marks on the Test, but only responses on the score will be used for scoring purposes.


5. All Test items have 5 options.


6. There is one best answer for each question.


7. There are no “Some of the above,” “All of the above,” “A and B,” or similarly worded combination options. 


8. Work rapidly, you will have 45 minutes to complete the Test – Remember, only answers on the score sheet will be used for scoring.


9. Any effort on your part to look at another participant’s desk will result in immediate disqualification.  Do NOT look around the room between the time the Test begins and when it is collected.


10. If both of your pencils break, raise your hand and we will provide you with new pencils.


11. We cannot answer questions about individual items on the Test, please do not ask.


12. If there is a problem with the physical Test, raise your hand and we will replace the test. 


13. If you complete the Test before the end of the exam period, place everything back in the envelope and turn it in at the front of the room.


14. You may then quietly leave the room. Please DO NOT remain outside of the testing room where you may disturb students still taking the exam.


15. Good luck and thanks for participating in Brain Bee Challenge!






  1. The contestant, when called, will come to the podium to hear the question.
  2. Contestants will have approximately 15 seconds to answer the question.   
  3. Contestants may ask the moderator to repeat the question only once.  
  4. Contestants are allowed to ask for the spelling of any word(s) in the question.  
  5. Contestants are allowed to ask for the definition of non-neuroscience terms.  
  6. Contestants are NOT allowed to ask for the definition of neuroscience-specific terms, as the ones used during the competition will be from the book "Brain Facts".  
  7. Questions will be organized based on the chapters in the book "Brain Facts."  
  8. Contestants will be eliminated after they have answered 3 questions incorrectly
  9. Having responded to a question, the contestant will go to the end of the line of contestants.  
  10. The next contestant, in sequence, will come to the podium as the prior contestant steps away.   
  11. The recorder will indicate when a contestant is eliminated, at which point the contestant retire to their seat in the audience.  
  12. A panel of faculty and guests who are knowledgeable in the field of Neuroscience will serve as judges and their decisions will be final. 




  1. If, at the end of a round, only one person remains with less than 3 incorrect answers, that person is declared the winner.
  2. If, at the end of a round, there is no person with less than 3 incorrect answers and individuals in that round obtained a 3rd incorrect answer, all such individuals will continue to the next round.
  3. If rounds continue without the winner being determined by the above procedure and either all available questions have been asked or the time allotted for the event has expired, a tie-breaking procedure outlined in 14 will be used. 
  4. The panel of Judges shall modify the rule for the particular contest and announce it to the contestants and audience. Such rule(s) shall be in force for the remaining duration of the contest. The decision of the judges is FINAL!   



(Adopted from the rules of Fairfield University's Brain Bee)