National Brain Bee







Grenada Brain Bee Challenge is organized by the Christian Services Corporation, a Grenada based community Non Profit Organization registered in 2002. 

With the vision to bring together people and organizations for education, worship and fellowship, the Corporation sees the need to assist in the education of our nation’s youth

.  As such, the Christian Services Corporation will assist in the broadcast of the Grenada Brain Bee Challenge via radio and television.


The St. George’s Baptist Church (SGBC) whose vision statement is “Building communities which will become the model for winning people to Christ”

sees the need to enrich the lives of the youth of Grenada.  The SGBC has decided to partner with the Grenada Brain Bee Challenge to supply personnel and to

assist with finding additional sponsorship for this prestigious competition.  The SGBC believes that in partnering with the GBBC it serves to educate/enrich

the minds and lives of the youths of Grenada, be able to reach out to members in various communities through sensitizing individuals of the hidden

potential they all possess that can be beneficial to personal, community, national and international development.  SGBC continues to work with

individuals and organizations in nation building as the Church feels a calling to bring Leadership to our nation through working with youth, adults

and the families in “building communities which will become the model in our nation and the rest of the region’”


The Volunteers Working Committee [VWC] of the GBBC is composed of highly respected volunteer members resident in

Grenada from different walks of life.  They are: