National Brain Bee





Instruction for Registration

  1. Registration is free and open to ALL forms III –V secondary school students in Grenada ONLY.
  2. Registration for the challenge is strictly electronic.
  3. You will be required to provide your School Contact Person (name of your Principal or his/her designate) who will provide you with your Registration Code. The registration code will be your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the challenge.
  4. Your registration is invalid without a Registration Code.
  5. The system will log you out when you attempt to register with an invalid code, more than once or you attempt to make too many changes into the fields.
  6. The Photo/Copy permission box MUST be checked and dated for your registration to be complete. It is an indication of consent by your Parent/Guardian(s) for your participation in this contest. It is your responsibility to bring this information to the knowledge of your Parent/Guardian(s), before submitting your registration form.

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