National Brain Bee


National Brain Bee Grenada


The Grenada Brain Bee Challenge (GBBC) is a competition for Secondary school forms III -V, ages 12 to 18.

It is fashioned after a traditional Spelling Bee, except that students answer questions about the brain and

neuroscience research. It is designed to stimulate interest and excitement about brain research and is

affiliated to the International Brain Bee (IBB) Competition. The GBBC is an annual three tiered level

competition:  Local/Zonal; National and International. A Preliminary Screening Test holds prior to

determine the list of annual competitors. Zonal/Local competitions are held at designated venues around the Island,

while the National will hold at St. George’s University, Grenada on 21st March 2015, during the Brain

Awareness Week. The Winner at the National level will go on to represent Grenada at the

International Brain Bee Championship which has become increasingly popular, recruiting young

minds into the biomedical sciences, particularly the Neurosciences. The 2015 IBBC will hold in Cairns,

Australia in from August 23rd – 27th 2015